My Work


My colourful abstract art is full of intricate details, shapes and patterns that cause your eye to dart around the canvas and to hopefully become enthralled by the visual feast of colour. By including elements of visual reality in my work I hope to cause am emotional reaction in the viewer as well as to create an atmospheric state.

I mostly create colourful abstract works which are rooted in reality (like Picasso), but occasionally dabble in pure abstraction or at the opposite end of the spectrum in portraiture and landscape art because I think it never hurts to mix things up and gain a bit of perspective and distance from your primary work.

I hope that one day my paintings will be exposed in big galleries, but at the moment you can admire my paintings on my site or still in the gallery GALLERY ANNA-TSCHOPP in Marseille in France, GALLERY ARIEL SIBONY in Paris and finally in the gallery W in London GB.

As you can see, my paintings are a big colour explosion, I love bringing colour to people’s lives - it is important to give good vibes, which is why I’m such a big fan of colours.

Why have I chosen this type of painting?

As you know now, I love colour so much that I think that all human feelings can be expressed through the art of colour, which makes Abstraction the purest art form and most human art form there is!.

For example, when we’re angry we tend to use or to be attracted by colours such as black, plum or dark green.

When we fall in love or are happy we are rather going to go towards colours such as red, yellow or pink. Bright colours which express our mood

My paintings are a way of expressive my feelings, and as you can see, I’m often happy.

I hope you enjoy my work!