For me I find that the best source of inspiration is the world around me, so I am forever walking around Paris soaking up the hustle and bustle of the city or going to the country side to get a bit of perspective on things. I also find that a great way to rejuvenate myself or get rid of any creativity block I may be experiencing is to go to a gallery or exhibition because that never fails to get my creative juices running and inspire me as I walk round in awe.

I often go to the big galleries in Paris and try to sketch or paint the famous works on display because it takes me out of my own head for a bit and reminds me of the possibilities and what I can achieve.

My favourite artists of all time are Kandinsky and Mondrian so I love to study their work and there story, but even more than that I love to keep up to date with the contemporary French and International art scene because in my opinion there is nothing more inspiring and motivating than seeing people around you create great work.

As such I am constantly on visual sites like Pinterest and Instagram and well as a religious follower of many art and graphic design blogs. My current favourite contemporary artist is George Smith who is doing extremely cool stuff at the moment.

Finally, a great but admittedly more expensive way to become inspired is to travel. I recently got back from a trip to India which just bawled me over. I wasn’t prepared for the things I experienced there and fell in love with the artisan culture and traditional Indian techniques (as well as the food of course)!