About Me


Hi, my name is Jordan and I am currently living in Paris. I grew up in London, England but moved to France 5 years ago for university. I studied Art History and Fine Art at the University of Paris for three years. This was an incredible experience because I had brilliant and inspirational lecturers that acted as great mentors. I also loved the fact that I was at the centre of the art world by being in Paris and could hop over to the Louvre and Pompidou centre whenever it took my fancy. This and the fact that I loved the culture, and vibrancy in Paris is what made me decide to stay here post-uni.

While my main passion and focus is abstract art, I love to study and create copies of more traditional works by the Impressionists, Post-Impressionists and Realists and feel it is important to have this knowledge and basis to use in my own art.

Since graduating university in 2013 I have set up my own studio and have been creating mostly abstract paintings, but do the occasional portrait or sketch upon request. I was lucky enough to have my artwork shown at the Fondation Cartier just a few months after graduating and since then have also exhibited my work at Modus Art Gallery and La Maison Rouge. At all my exhibitions my artwork has been up for sale, although you can also purchase work through my website or in a number of independent cafes around Paris.

I do also accept commissions so if you would like a particular type of painting, abstract or non abstract do get in touch and I will try and meet your requirements. I am about to embark on a Masters Degree though so I will be a little stretched for time.